Scissors & Scotch: Erie

...the barbershop your barbershop should be worried about.
Opening April 2024.

Get 50% off your first service

Welcome to the best part of your day.

We’re not a salon. We’re not a clips joint. We’re not your run-of-the-mill barbershop. We’re everything you want your haircut to be, and then some. The Scissors & Scotch experience offers a complimentary cocktail, coffee, or cold one with every haircut, plus a full-service bar and lounge, because we know you’ll be ready for round two.

"The service was above and beyond. It's worth every penny."

Come for the grooming. Stay for the booze.

At Scissors & Scotch, you’ll find friendly, talented people, an impressive offering of grooming services and a fully-stocked bar. What we like to refer to as: the best damn part of your day.

  • Scissors & Scotch
    680 Mitchell Way unit 140
    Erie, CO 80516


Free Upkeeps

Get free upkeeps between services to keep you looking your best.

Member Events

VIP access to member-only events such as scotch, beer & wine tastings, and more!

Special Discounts

10% off your bar tab (after your complimentary cocktail of course!), products, and additional grooming services.

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The Ten Year
$50 $25*

Full-service haircut and style // Cleansing shampoo and conditioning treatment // Rejuvenating steamed towel treatment and back of neck razor shave.
*Price w/ the 50% discount.

The Fifteen Year
$70 $35*

The Ten Year + Soothing scalp massage and face refresher.
*Price w/ the 50% discount.

Facial Hair Trim

Looking to keep it burly but also clean? Our facial hair trims shape your beard with electric trimmers, allowing you to continue sporting your manly mane in a fashionable way.

Get 50% off your first service

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